Mattress Mac Finally Goes Off The Deep End

THIS is how we want our Mattress Mac:

How we DON'T want him? Bizarrely pretending to be a talk-show host with a faux-Snooki from Jersey Shore.

Anyone who's watched TV in Houston lately knows it: Mattress Mac has finally lost his TV mojo.

Gone is the hyper, cash-clutching, bouncy clown terrorizing us into purchasing furniture that he would deliver tonight, come hell or high water.

Now he's the dignified one, trying to keep the reins on a pseudo talk show that looks like it's entitled The Most Awkward Local Talk Show Ever.

In this one, the crowd boos a bedbug. But somehow not the guest's goatee.

Come on, Mac. It's not too late to start maniacally jumping again. Houston deserves no less.


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