Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Apologize: Hurricane Ike was an S.O.B., but Eisenhower was not a bastard ["You Bastard!" by Richard Connelly, September 18]. He was truly a great American hero and deserves respect and honor, especially from an organization that benefits from the rights he preserved and protected — freedom of the press. An apology is in order.

Frank Battaglia

Cool Off


ranch dressing on pizza

In my day: I grew up in south Texas in the '40s and '50s ["The 99-Cent Dog Store," Hair Balls, by Craig Malisow, September 11]. The temperature was usually above 100 at this time of the year. My pet dogs always stayed outside, without a/c, but with plenty of water, morning, noon and night. They seemed to do very well. One other point: We did not have a/c in the house, but we also survived.

However, since you are worried about the dogs, you also might check on how many Houstonians, especially seniors, don't have a/c in their homes today.

Robert White

Wigging Out

Online readers respond to "Bacliff Wiggers," by John Nova Lomax, September 11:

Wigger? Doesn't that mean "white nigger"? Because in the article I read, all I saw was "white negroes." Wouldn't they instead be "wegroes"?

The word nigger is offensive, even when you are making fun of white kids. If you are gonna be offensive, then please, don't stop halfway next time. Show your true colors (pun unintentional, but fitting).

Comment by Robert Stoute from

It's a word: So, does your outrage over a word make you a nigger or a wigger? It definitely makes you seem stupid in either case.

Comment by John Q.

Back at the Ranch

Online readers respond to "The Pizza and Ranch Dressing Rebellion," Eating...Our Words blog, by Robb Walsh, September 30.

Camp classic: I'm a big fan of ranch dressing on my pizza — that affection harks back to summer camp, when it was the only way to make the square slices served palatable. Do I still use it now that I live in NYC? Depends. I wouldn't think to sully Di Fara's pizza with ranch, but it does no harm to (and heck, often improves) a regular slice.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Down with dressing: I agree with Romano's — no ranch dressing except on salad. I prefer sugar in my tea and blue cheese on my wings. I tried it back in the '90s, with a girlfriend from Dallas. The combo didn't work, and neither did the girlfriend. Was it a sign?

jason hill

Must for crust: In college (in New York, no less), the food at the dining hall was so unpalatable that we dipped virtually everything, including pizza, in ranch dressing to make it taste better. We discovered that ranch dressing on peas is delicious, but it doesn't work so well on hot dogs. I prefer ranch to ketchup for my fries and, while I don't dip my slice of pizza in ranch, it is a must for the crust.



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