Mexican Drug Cartel: U.S. Rep and Sheriff Talk Tough on Keeping Them Out of Houston

The Mexican drug cartels didn't reckon on McCaul and Garcia.
The Mexican drug cartels didn't reckon on McCaul and Garcia.

U.S. Representative Mike McCaul and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia met today and said they are going to do whatever it takes to stop Mexican drug cartels from coming to Houston.

Because we want our coke and weed from American drug cartels, dammit!!!

McCaul chairs the House Homeland Security Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, so he has some say on where the border-protection money goes.

"The major concern is the same kind of violence seen in Mexico will occur here in the United States," he said. "The sheriff and I talked about operations he has been working on in terms of gang violence and how to stop the cartels from taking over routes in the United States. We also talked about his participation with the national counterterrorism center in Washington and his efforts in working with Mexico in getting better intelligence coming out of Mexico."

Said Garcia of the cartel members: "We'll put their butts in jail. We don't want them in Harris County, and we don't want them to bring harm and we don't want them to deteriorate our quality of life."

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