Michael Brown to Plead Guilty in Flight Attendant-Choking Case

Ex-surgeon Michael "Suck My Dick" Brown is planning to plead guilty to a count of interfering with a flight crew in a Miami federal court July 16.

Brown originally pleaded not guilty to the charge, which stemmed from his alleged assault in January of female flight attendants on a flight from London to Miami.

His Florida attorney, Alvin Entin, told Hair Balls that "the recommendations are going to be that he receive time served....there'll be no jail involved with this thing."

Brown was facing two to eight months incarceration under maximum sentencing guidelines, Entin said.

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If all goes accordingly, this might be the quickest Brown has ever resolved a lawsuit; he's still embroiled in a plethora -- a plethora -- of litigation relating to his business practices, as well as his alleged anal-herpes practices, among others.

Goddamn, it's good to have money.

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