Mike Robles at the Improv Is Canceled

Comedian Mike Robles isn't laughing about his August 1 show being canceled. As a matter of fact, he sounds a bit miffed. Robles sent us this note announcing the cancellation and directing fans to call the Houston Improv for more info. He promises he'll be back to Houston, but not at the Improv.

Wassup to all my Htown frens and fans...our show scheduled for Aug 1, at the Houston Improv has been postponed.

You can contact them directly with any questions you may have. There number is 713-333-8800. You can ask for Eddie Britto. I apologize for any inconvenience. I will notify you when I return to Houston, and promise you all, it will not be at the Houston Improv.

Thanks Mike

Robles, most of you already know, is in the news these days for allegedly - allegedly, people, allegedly - stealing jokes from other comics. While comics often hit on the same theme (girlfriends, bosses, crazy family, politics), it seems Robles is coming a little too close to word-per-word lifting and other comics are calling him on it.

Stay tuned for more swipes, allegations and innuendo. -- Olivia Flores Alvarez


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