Molly Hagerty, Al Gore's Accuser, Has A Houston Connection

Molly Hagerty, former Houstonian
Molly Hagerty, former Houstonian

The masseuse who accused Al Gore of trying to force her into sex in a Portland hotel room has a Houston connection.

The name of the accuser is public now, because she is telling her story (and posing with her "stained pants") for the National Enquirer.

Her name is Molly Hagerty, 54, and according to Gawker she has a Houston connection.

Reports the website:

In the late '80s, Hagerty--whose full name is Margaret Rosemary Hagerty--lived in Texas with her then-husband, Jeffery Bakely. Hagerty told police she had lived in Texas for 12 years and still had friends in Houston and records show the couple divorced sometime in the early '90s. Bakely has since relocated to Philadelphia; we called to get his take on his ex-wife's accusations, but haven't heard back.

The name doesn't ring a bell with us. How about anyone out there?

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