The Chron-Express News
The Chron-Express News

More Consolidation For Chronicle And San Antonio

Hearst's unending efforts to make the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News one and the same continue apace.

The latest memo appoints several editors to oversee matters at both papers, and offers tips on how the two can share coverage.

Chron editors Laura Goldberg and Kyrie O'Connor will oversee business and features, respectively, for both papers; San Antonio's Brad Lehman will supervise sports at the two publications.

"Our top priority is to maintain strong local coverage in San Antonio and Houston with the goal of further building our audience," says the memo from Jeff Cohen and Bob Rivard, editors of the two papers.

But oh the synergy you'll make!! Joint planning meetings!! But fear not:

In Business, for example, this doesn't mean that both papers will emphasize or even run the same stories from day to day. But the editors will identify more opportunities to do advance stories, trend stories, issue stories and other features that will have broad appeal across markets. And they will take advantage of the combined resources of their staffs on others. For example, in covering the recent Big 12 realignment, Sports would have developed a joint coverage plan, assigning stories, graphics and other content to reporters at both papers, effectively treating them as one staff.

The full memo is available online at Romenesko.


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