More Institutional Hip-Hop, This Time From Metro

More Institutional Hip-Hop, This Time From Metro

Everybody's getting in the rap game! Hot on the heels of this UH street paean to a new parking garage comes "the Transit Boyz," Metro's rappin' kidz.

Some years back, we enumerated ten of the most, um, revealing moments in white hip-hop history. While Metro's effort is not quite up to that standard, why is that in a city with one of the top rap scenes in the world, the best we can apparently come up with is a lame rip-off of Licensed to Ill.

Shit's been wack since '88, yo.

Video after the jump...

Here is how Metro is billing the spot:

The Transit Boyz hotly anticipated CD from MTA Records, "Not on My Bus," has been leaked to the Internet prematurely. Referred to as the hottest new Hip-Hop act since the Beastie Boys, this group of young up-and-coming MCs are taking rap back to its roots...straight outta H-Town.

Now, they want to give you, the public, an inside look at "How We Roll."

Metro, always "flossin'" that "mad" slang...

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