More Names Of Newly Ex-Chron People Emerge

The bad news is coming out at 801 Texas, and the cuts include some familiar bylines. We've written about some of them here, but more are starting to emerge.

Perhaps the most surprising is Clifford Pugh, the lively fashion/society/arts writer who blogs regularly and was just sent to New York (or somewhere fashion-y) for a big show. Fritz Lanham, the book editor, is gone too, as the Chronicle apparently is abandoning serious local book reviewing in favor of wire stuff, like many newspapers.

Longtime vets Mike McDaniel and Barbara Karkabi are also gone from the features department.

We also hear Rosanna Ruiz (Metro beat) is gone, as are such news-side veterans as Bill Murphy, David Ellison and Richard Stewart.

For corrections/additions, reach us in the comments, my Facebook page or at .


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