A Nascar team is sponsored by the show "24"?
A Nascar team is sponsored by the show "24"?

NASCAR License Plates: Let the Rednecking Begin

For years you've been giggling at drivers from other states with NASCAR vanity plates. Now you can do it to your fellow Texans.

Yet another "Like/Don't Like" poll has come from Myplates.com, the private company that has taken over the vanity-plates business from the state and has been aggressively pushing new designs.

Also featured: plates for the Texans, Dynamo and the University of Tennessee (decisions, decisions: The NASCAR plate or the Volunteers plate?). And a skull plate.

We also like this one. Because if you're such a fan of Ford, you need to inform other people that the vehicle you're driving is a Ford. In case they couldn't tell from the Ford labels already on the vehicle.

Here's the skull design, from the Texas Trophy Hunters Association:

Somewhat creepy, sure, but it's not likely to make any metal-band logo-makers jealous. Drip some blood from that mouth, dude!

The Texans plate looks about like you'd expect, by the way:

Personally, we'd wait and see if they make the playoffs this year before investing.


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