New Braunfels Voters Ban Beer Cans for Tubers

Better not have no PBR on you.
Better not have no PBR on you.

New Braunfels's new law banning beer cans for people tubing on the Guadalupe and Comal was upheld by voters yesterday.

About 58 percent of the voters voted in favor of the ban, a convincing victory in a huge turnout.

The new law was triggered by this year's drought, which killed the Guadalupe for tubing and sent everyone to the spring-fed Comal. That small river stretch was overrun with huge crowds and lots and lots of garbage, mostly beer cans.

The law bans disposable food and drink containers from the Comal and the stretch of the Guadalupe River within the city. Violators, if found guilty, could be fined $500.

The law is being challenged in court by local businesses.

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