New President, Same Sheila Jackson Lee

Photos by Steve Olafson
We know this is getting old.

For years now we've tuned in to the annual State of the Union address to make sure that U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Tx, of the Fightin' 18th Congressional District in Houston, gets up next to the President, be he Democrat or Republican.

We depend on this. When it stops happenin', we're fairly sure it's time to gather up all the firearms, round up all the ammo, batteries, gold bullion and freeze-dried food, and descend into the underground bunker.

But that's not necessary after last night, for Sheila again made her annual appearance alongside the president. She caught him comin' in and goin' out (see photos.)

Never mind that she didn't support Obama til he won their party's nomination.

Never mind that the economy's splitting at the seams or that we're still mired overseas in two wars.

At least one thing remains the same, unchanged.

Praise Sheila.


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