"We're hoping for a big 'wave' of support here. You have big waves in Galveston, I assume?"

No Beach Party for You, Rumsfeld!

We're not normally ones to regurgitate stories at you, but we couldn't help but notice the headline on KHOU's website: Iraq war may jeopardize seawall project.

You'll have to read the whole piece -- which is brought to you through a partnership on Channel 11 (Best Local TV News, btw) and the Galveston County Daily News -- for it to make sense. Bottom line: You may not think the war in Iraq affects you, but you'll be singing a different tune when you're trying to find a Porta Potty on the seawall.

The feds possibly taking money away from our beloved seawall? Man, Rummy is so not invited to our next Fourth of July beach party. — Steven Devadanam


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