No Recession In The Chronicle's Holiday Gift Guide

The Houston Chronicle has come out with a Holiday Gift Guide, and so has the Houston Press. We at the Press pointed out to readers that "the luxury industry has taken a hit just like the rest of the economy, which is good news for you." We suggested "a silver charm bracelet or even diamond earrings" as a "cool gift for women." See, we're no enemy of luxury - get it if you can!

Yet we are still astounded by how outrageous some of the Chronicle's gift suggestions are, given the current state of things. Among the offenders:

-- a $34,650 natural fancy intense yellow oval diamond pendant from I W Marks;

-- a $48,975 diamond bangle from I W Marks; and

-- a $14,000 Howard Miller Limited Edition  "J.H. Miller" floor clock from Moore Time.

Lordy. You could buy those three gifts, or you could buy a house. Granted, it would be a small house, and the neighborhood might not be so nice, but still: a house.

- Cathy Matusow 


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