Don't be this guy.
Don't be this guy.

No-Refusal Programs, Increased Anti-DWI Patrols: It Must Be the Fourth of July Weekend

Just about every government jurisdiction with a pulse is putting out reminders that they are going to be looking hard for DWI cases this coming long weekend.

The state Department of Public Safety is upping patrols in areas where there have been alcohol-related crashes; HPD and Harris and Montgomery counties are working together on a no-refusal weekend.

The no-refusal program brings a judge and medical personnel to a location convenient for cops on DWI duty. If you refuse a breathalyzer, there's an express lane for getting a search warrant and a blood test.

"A sad statistic is that more than 50 percent of fatal accidents in Houston in 2010 were alcohol related and we've got to do something to correct that." HPD's Carl Driskell said. "DWI is 100 percent preventable and it's simple; don't drink and drive, get a designated driver."

"Anyone who plans on drinking should also plan on having someone else drive them home," said David Baker, chief of the Highway Patrol division of DPS.

So keep it all in mind as you're celebrating your freedom, people.


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