NY Senator Chuck Schumer Feels the Awesome Power of Michael Berry

NY Senator Chuck Schumer Feels the Awesome Power of Michael Berry

Take that, New York Senator Chuck Schumer!!! You insult Houston at your peril while Michael Berry's here to defend it!!!

The tiresome KTRH talk-show host has found a new dead horse to beat: the decision to spurn Houston when it comes to retired space shuttles. Pretty much everyone else got over their disappointment awhile back, but not Berry.

In perhaps the most wonderful piece of absolutely ineffective political theater anywhere, Berry is urging his listeners to boycott New York because of statements made by Schumer regarding Houston.

We're sure Broadway is reeling from the effects of the Berry Boycott.

Here is the awful, terrible, hurtful thing Schumer said about Houstonians criticizing the decision to give a shuttle to New York's Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum instead of us:

I say to Houston, when people all around the world, in London and in Tokyo and in Paris, Buenos Aires say, 'Gee, I can't wait for my trip to Houston,' then you can have a shuttle.

Berry is outraged, professionally. He has an entire Web page dedicated to how his feelings were hurt by the awful thing Schumer said.

When the owners of the Yankees, Rockefeller Center and ferries to the Statue of Liberty come pleading on bended knee to Berry to call off his boycott, we can only hope the radio host can be benevolent.

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