Oh No! Lots of "Hello Dolly" Puns!

Soon-to-be Hurricane Dolly is headed for Texas. That's the bad news.

The good news is that it probably -- probably -- isn't headed for our part of Texas.

Weather Underground's Jeff Masters is calling for a Corpus Christi landfall in his latest blog entry, with winds of tropical-storm force reaching as far as Galveston.

That wouldn't necessarily be bad for Houston; we've been pretty dry and could use the rain.

But hurricanes can be fickle, and a northward jog in its path could bring Dolly our way.

The National Hurricane Center's three-day track shows Houston to be fairly well out of the range of the infamous Cone of Uncertainty, though, and track forecasts are generally pretty accurate once you get within three days.

But keep a weather eye out, anyway.

Updated: The 10 a.m. five-day track.

-- Richard Connelly


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