Oh, Those (Racist) Scamps At Pat Robertson's Law School

Oh, Those (Racist) Scamps At Pat Robertson's Law School
Photo courtesy Randall Kallinen

We told you yesterday about Adam Key, a local guy who had been kicked out of Regent University, the law school created by televangelist Pat Robertson, because he had posted a picture on the Internet of Robertson idly scratching his face with his middle finger.

We mentioned how Key's attorney, Randall Kallinen of Houston, had found web stuff posted by other Regent students who had gone unpunished. Among them a doctored Civil Rights-era photograph of an African-American holding a sign that said "Can a Nigga Get Some Koolaid" and the above doctored photo, which we're able to post today.

In case you've forgotten, Regent is the law school that sent 150 attorneys to work in the Bush administration Justice Department.

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