Oil Spill Central: Right Here In Houston!!

Gushing oil is not always a good thing, Houston companies find
Gushing oil is not always a good thing, Houston companies find

Louisiana, not Texas, will be feeling the effects of the massive oil spill in the Gulf -- unless you count the indirect fallout, and in that case we are Oil Spill Central.

Lawsuits are already being filed in regards to the explosion and spill, and the list of defendants is very Houston-centric:

BP is obviously a British company, but its American offices are out on the Beltway 8 "Energy Corridor." BP owns the rig that's spurting the ecological disaster, more or less.

Halliburton was involved in cementing and capping the well, which went very, very wrong. Another company with big offices in Houston. (Try their basement food court downtown!!)

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Cameron International is what used to be Cameron Iron Works, a famous Houston company. They're out on the West Loop by the Galleria. They "supplied the rig's blowout-prevention equipment," such as it was.

So sure, Louisiana's coastline may be getting hit with a black, oozing wave of doom that will take years to recover from, but here in Houston we're be getting the black eye.

Which, we guess, is the better of the two options, if you have to choose.

Stocks in companies involved in the incident are sliding. No protests have been reported outside any of the companies' HQs here, but it's early days yet.

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