Old-Time Astrodome Baseball: Juan Marichal, Dominating at the All-Star Game

Little something from the toobz that shows Astrodome baseball when the game was very different: Juan Marichal dominating hitters at the 1968 All-Star Game.

Of course, he wasn't the only one being dominant that day: There was but a single run scored all game, and that came on a double play.

Watch and see the high-kicking Marichal take on Rod Carew, Carl Yastrzemski and Frank Howard -- no fluke All-Stars in that bunch -- and notice something else.

No freaking overpowering music. No endless dawdling outside the batters box and on the mound. No countless replays of every pitch and play.

The entire game -- an All-Star game with the usual tons of substitutions -- took only two hours and ten minutes to play.

Maybe it wasn't the most high-scoring game in the Dome, but it was damn efficient.


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