Omar Ibrahim: Pay No Attention to Adrian Castro-Villasenor's Corpse Wrapped in These Rugs, Just Help Me Move the Rugs

Omar Ibrahim needed a hand with a corpse, cops say.
Omar Ibrahim needed a hand with a corpse, cops say.
Photo by HPD

Omar Ibrahim just needed a little help, you know what I mean? Can't a guy get a hand with a honey-do, for crying out loud?

For some reason, no one seemed eager to pitch in with his request to move some bedding wrapped in some rugs.

Maybe it was the freaking corpse that cops say was stuck in the middle of the thing.

Ibrahim, 21, had gone around an apartment complex in the 2700 block of Briargrove looking for help with his chore the afternoon of September 17, cops say, and when he couldn't get any, "he fled the scene."

Probably a good idea: Inside the wrapping, cops say, was the dead body of Adrian Castro-Villasenor, 46.

Ibrahim now faces murder charges. He fled to Idaho, where family members live, but was arrested there by U.S. Marshals Friday.

HPD homicide investigators traveled there to interview him and he "admitted to his role in Mr. Castro-Villasenor's death," police say.

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