Omar Lopez: Too Drunk, So Lets His 13-Year-Old Nephew Drive (Badly)

Police have charged Omar Ornelas Lopez, 27, with child endangerment after noticing his car was speeding and making wide turns through the Windsor Village neighborhood.

It wasn't Lopez who was driving, though -- it was his 13-year-old nephew.

Court documents available online offer little info, but KPRC reports the arrest came October 21.

The erratic driving also included not using a turn signal, but you can't blame the 13-year-old for that: He was in Houston, for crissake. He was doing as the natives do.

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Cops say that when they stopped the car, Lopez "appeared drunk with slurred speech and glassy eyes." The kid apparently was sober, so there's that.

Lopez is in jail on a $15,000 bond. He was also charged with having a fake Social Security card.

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