One Day, Four Bank Robberies
Photo courtesy FBI

One Day, Four Bank Robberies

Bad day to be working in, or visiting, a bank.

Four Houston banks were robbed today, the FBI says.

One woman hit up two in the same strip center, which is certainly a time-saving strategy that should be applauded, if it wasn't for the whole robbing-a-bank part. Or the fact that the 60-year-old got arrested shortly after her escapade.

"Witnesses at both robberies gave police a licens- plate number and patrol officers quickly tracked the vehicle and subject down a short distance away," FBI spokesperson Shauna Dunlap said. The two banks were in the 4800 block of West Bellfort.

Today's spree comes on the heels of the "Grandad Bandit" robbing a downtown bank.

Customers, beware: If you see any older women or men in the bank with you, head for the door.


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