Our Next Mayor, The Cougars Victory and Sex for Tickets

Come What Mayor

No fair: I'm disappointed in the Houston Press. On the cover of the October 22 edition, you forgot to include even smaller boxes for the Socialist, Santa Claus look-alike and Minuteman wannabe ["Houston's Choice for Mayor," by Rich Connelly]. Aren't they legitimate candidates?

Justin Webb


2009 Houston mayor's race

Funny: Your mayoral cover about the Black Guy, Rich White Guy and the Lesbian — and, oh yeah, the Hispanic Republican — was funnier than shit! It's the best cover that I have ever seen on your fish wrap, well, since I have been picking it up, which is for way too many years now. Yes, this is one of the strangest open-year elections. Hope in seven years we all don't say, let's give a real shit this time about who becomes mayor.

Walter Goff

One stands out: The Connelly article emphasizes the sameness on the anointed "main issues." However, here is one issue where there is a clear leader: On outreach and encouraging citizens to access more clean renewable energy and nonpolluting electric cars, including establishing incentives to help, Parker is the very clear leader. The HEAA interviewed all four candidates extensively; this interview can be studied at www.HEAA.org, but suffice to say, Parker is the only one who has already driven a hybrid for several years and already had a zero carbon electric account for several years, and she's the only one to sign a pledge to the people of Houston for action on these within 100 days if elected. Importantly, she's also the only one likely to actually cause a real reduction in pollution during a mayoral term, because her ideas and plans will enlist the actual people as agents for reduction of pollution and carbon emissions. If you want a candidate to empty trash and keep police working, all are the same, but to actually improve Houston, Parker seems by far the best.

Rick Ehrlich

Online readers weigh in:

Cool city: I think all Houstonians should be proud that a lesbian, a black guy, a rich white guy and a Hispanic Republican can all run for mayor and not only respect each other's differences, but also have respect from the general public. It's a testament to Houston being a progressive city where different cultures and backgrounds are truly respected.


Cougar Town

Online readers respond to "Coogs Grind Out A Relatively Unimpressive Win," Hair Balls blog, October 26, by John Royal:

Unimpressed: John Royal grinds out a relatively unimpressive article. Were you watching the game or even there?

UH Cougar

HOUSTON — Newswriter John Royal, in detailing his lack of excitement at the Houston Cougars' latest victory, managed to grind out another anti-University of Houston article without having to actually do much work.

His editors were expected to reverse the decision to portray a 23-point victory as a game decided by referees, but their inexplicable failure to execute at a planning meeting resulted in failure for the Press.

It may have been expected that Royal would have, in a Woodward-ian tradition, uncovered the fact that there were only about 500-1,000 empty seats in the fringes of Robertson Stadium. Instead, he decided to go with the Chronicle-approved "UH Doesn't Have Good Attendance" article, citing people missing from the stands in the first quarter.

"Rockets, Astros, and Texans fans have never been known to arrive late to games," said Royal, "so why should University of Houston fans be any different?"

Royal had hoped to be assigned to cover the now 4-3 Texans, and co-write a story with Richard Justice about how this year the Texans might have a winning season for the first time in their history. Instead, he was relegated to cover the lowly 6-1 Cougars, who can't even beat a BCS team, er, I mean be ranked in the top 25, I mean um, sell out every game, yeah, that one.

Royal has expressed hope that next week's game will be covered by someone who gives a rat's ass, and does more than cursory research about stadium capacity. But if not, then Royal has another chance to redeem himself on Saturday.


Not even close: This is absolutely the worst article I've ever read. This article should be stricken from the wire on the basis of irresponsible journalism. Fortunately, no one reads the Houston Press or even knows who this moron is.

Houston had leads of 17-0 and 31-3 early in the fourth quarter, and this jackass has the nerve to say they were lucky to not be on the losing end. This game was never close, and UH was never tested.

seriously, who is john royal?

Bad calls: The officiating was awful, and it all started with a dumbass call on the opening kickoff, which SMU ran back for a (called back) touchdown. The pass interference calls on SMU, when they got two in a row near their goal line, were absolute bullshit.

Were it not for dropped passes and losing the starting quarterback very early in the game, it could easily have gone the other way.


No questionable call: In regard to the play where the SMU quarterback fumbled the ball at the Houston 1, the referee stated, "It will be SMU ball at the one yard line. First and 10," after reviewing the play.

At that point, SMU would have been on third down, not first down. What he meant to say was that it was UH ball, first and 10 at the one. He promptly got back on the microphone and corrected his statement.

That was a misstatement based on review of the play. The call was right, and it was UH ball. The misstatement was a mistake that was promptly corrected.

It wasn't a questionable call decided in favor of UH, it was an official who misspoke and corrected himself.


The Ticket Trade

Online readers respond to "Game Time: Sex For World Series Tickets," Hair Balls, by Sean Pendergast, October 28:

Nacho libre: I don't know what the going rate for Astros tickets will be, but somehow nachos will be a part of it.


Awesome stuff: You are ­letting it ripon these blogs.

Dave in Florida

Hilarious: Please let us know immediately if she accepts your friend request. I can only imagine the insanity that could ensue. Loving the blog posts.



"Día de los Rock Stars" [by Olivia Alvarez, Night + Day, October 29] incorrectly listed the opening date of "Never Die" Day of the Dead Rock Stars, an art exhibit by Carlos Hernandez held at Cactus Music & The Record Ranch, as November 1. The exhibit opened on October 30.

The Houston Press regrets the error.


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