Our Readers Go Loco for Zelko Bistro.

Loco for Zelko

Online readers comment on "The Heights of Comfort," by Katharine Shilcutt, October 20:

Thanks, HP: "Neighborhood joint" means "keep a low profile." Couldn't you have waited more than seven months to review, giving us some time with our peeps? The vibe will change when the good reviews start circulating and the Washington Ave crew shows up. Outer-loopers, this place sucks. You'll never find parking. The service is terrible. The food is overpriced. There's no Kendall-Jackson on the wine list. TGI Fridays is a much better choice for you.


I love this place: My husband and I have visited three times (twice for brunch and once for dinner) and really enjoyed every dish we have tried. You are dead on about the Captin's Chicken — it's incredible how the crunchy skin and the tender chicken mix with the caramelized onion relish that it's topped with — I would have never thought those flavors would blend so well. And we have had great servers every time; the staff is friendly, helpful and not the least bit stuffy. We will be back once a week.


Nice napkins: Okay, I know this is majorly trivial, but back to the napkins. Those napkins/dish towels made me want to sling one over my shoulder and go help out in the kitchen. I think I could've walked into the back of the house and happily washed dishes the rest of the night after my meal there. The food here is fantastic, and I'm glad I went before this review came out. I now have a funny feeling I'll never be able to get a table because this place is going to be packed from now on. Good luck, Zelko Bistro.

Max Cherry

Cars and Walmart

Online readers comment on "Heights-Area Walmart: Self-Created Traffic Jams to Prove a Point," Hair Balls blog, by Paul Knight, October 25:

Not so much: I can honestly say that I don't think there is a single Walmart that has "a couple hundred cars" entering and exiting at one time. Maybe at Christmas, but still, that seems counterintuitive. Besides, didn't they do a study that said there wasn't a need for Walmart, and that there weren't enough shoppers to support a store, anyway?

Stating the Obvious

Falling in: It is pretty sad that the city is being so pathetic about falling in with Walmart. I hope the project ends up failing hard, especially with the drainage problems it's going to cause.


Not green: Opposing a new commercial development of dead land that was once contaminated by a steel company is simply foolish. A 100-car protest? Doesn't sound very green to me.


Develop something else: Do you think that the only thing that could be built on this land is a Walmart Supercenter? Every design/development expert who has seen this proposal has stated that this is the lowest, worst use for this central, urban property. No Walmart doesn't mean no development. It just means no giant, cheap suburban big-box store in an urban neighborhood. My friends' bedroom window is exactly 55 feet from the proposed Walmart's loading dock.

actual fact

Oh come on, people: The damn bars and condos don't already back up Yale? Why are you all so opposed to Walmart in The

Heights but never once mention all the drunk frat boys and party girls that make it impossible to get anywhere near Washington Avenue so that they spill over onto White Oak Drive and make it a mess for everyone who lives in the area? Really!

James Polk Wilson

What are they hiding? If the city administration is committed to running a straightforward and honest government, why would they be so reluctant to release documents to citizens? I can only think of one reason. What does the administration have to hide? And if they are doing "the right thing," why wouldn't they want to make their documents public?


Canceled Congress

Online readers comment on "Black Congress Storms Out of Ghoulsfest," Rocks Off blog, by Jef With One F, October 21:

Unprofessional: These Black Congress guys are idiots. How much more publicity would this festival appearance give them in comparison to playing a club show that they would have to incur the cost of promoting? Also, how unprofessional is it to say to a promoter, "No one from the club show would even be interested in your show." Wow! You have balls the size of Manhattan.

Also, why book a club show the day before a festival performance? It's not like you're the Flaming Lips. Here's a little industry secret: You want to know why national promoters don't like using local acts...This is why.

Last but not least, who really cares? These guys will be broken up in three months when one of them discovers ska.


Good riddance: I think it's pretty funny how bands are hired to play a show, but then somehow think they call the shots. Could you imagine going to work and telling your boss, "I see you have me scheduled to work Friday at 6 p.m. Well, too bad I'm not coming till 9, and then I am only going to work for a half hour and then get drunk, and if you don't like it, then FU. Because I'm cool." Who are these cheese bags and why should I care? Good riddance, I say.


Dear Larry: Our band is not a job. Arguing that with people on the Houston Press's blog is like explaining Fugazi to Limp Biz­kit. I feel pretty comfortable "calling the shots" since it is not a job. It is a stupid band. And we will play stupid shows for and with our stupid friends in a way that works for us, because it's something we do for fun, thanks.

Chris Ryan

Dear Anon: We won't incur a penny in the cost of promoting the Eyehategod show. That's on the promoter's back. And I seriously doubt anyone who wants to see Macy Gray and a Fischerspooner DJ set could give a shit about Eyehategod and vice versa.

We were asked to play the Eyehategod show weeks before any of us were approached for Ghoulsfest. And you're absolutely right, we are not the Flaming Lips, but according to the very paper/blog you're reading, Wayne Coyne loved the Black Congress set and bought records from us at Summerfest.

What is this industry you speak of? I'm new around here and have no idea how "the music biz" works. This is my first rodeo. Also, had we pulled out of the Eyehategod (who is a national act) show, that would have made us into one of the same flake local bands you're complaining about now.

Ska, huh? Sounds cool. Tell me about it? Or instead, can I interest you in some genuine '60s Jamaican dub plates I own, some of which start at around a grand on eBay?

Roy Mata

Burning bridges: I hear both sides, but all and all, I still think the situation could have been handled in a more professional way all around. What's the point of burning bridges, we're all in this together. Or am I completely crazy?


In the end: Ghoulsfest gets some publicity. Black Congress gets some publicity. Nobody will skip out on either show because of this. It's a win-win for everyone.

Ramon LP4


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