Over the Weekend: Shopping, Stripping, Watching and Wishing

Anyone else out there try to do any shopping this weekend? The malls were freakin’ packed. The War on Christmas is officially over. What? That was just something Bill O’Reilly made up? Well, call it an easy victory.

Anyway, we did more than just brave the Christmas crowds…

Merry Stripmas Burlesque Show

Over the Weekend: Shopping, Stripping, Watching and Wishing

The women of Concrete Rose Cabaret stuffed our stockings on Friday night, and we brought back a baker’s dozen of photos to show what you missed.

Public Health in Somerville

As part of our coverage on the unfolding public-health situation in Somerville, we loaded up four clips of videotaped depositions from former tie-plant employees. Be sure to watch the last one, especially if you’re looking to put a face on the issue.

John Royal’s Christmas Wish List

Our sports columnist wrote a letter to the big guy with the white beard. Nope, not God, the other guy. Among the things our columnist wished for: a new ballpark, a press pass, a good draft pick and, of course, a date with Ashley Judd.

Happy holidays, people. (Take that, Bill O’Reilly!) – Keith Plocek

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