Pardon the DeLay

Don't DeLay

Online readers comment on DeLay Guilty of Money Laundering," Hair Balls blog, by Jeff Balke, November 24:

Star turn: Dancing with the convicted felons? No TV in the big house, Tom.

Wheels of Justice

Gag: You can tell by the smile on this punk's face that he doesn't take this seriously. He knows that nothing is going to happen to him as a result of this conviction. Jail and punishment is only for common people, of which he is not. People like him make me want to puke.


Pardon prediction: I'm guessing that smile is toward the next Republican president. I'm sure he'll get a pardon for being a party man. More importantly, he played on the corporate team, and it's not like corporatists don't hold high positions...Like, a majority of the Senate.


Once a felon: With the Supreme Court far right wing allowing corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns, now all Americans are living in the world Tom DeLay's created. Governor "Good Hair" Perry will probably pardon DeLay, but he will never be able to escape the moniker "convicted felon."

Scott Bodenheimer

Thrashing Around

Online readers comment on Becca Cason Thrash: Star of CultureMap, Which Doesn't Mention She's Married to an Owner of It," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, December 1:

Attention, please: Some aging guys go to topless bars for the pure adrenaline rush of someone paying attention to them, telling them how good they look, how funny they are and the like. Other folks buy media vehicles.

von Haupstadt

Nothing special: What happened to Houston Press thinking (not wrongly) that Erica Rose was the star of CultureMap? Here's an exercise: Read Shelby's old society columns from the Thrash-influence-free Houston Chronicle. Then compare that to the Becca coverage on CultureMap. Do you honestly think there's a difference?

Sarah Rufca

Disclose the relationship: I don't think the amount of coverage is the point; he's not claiming there's suddenly more coverage than before. (That might be impossible). Just that the continued treacly coverage is annoying, given the relationship, and lack of any disclosure, despite the site being run by "credentialed journalists."


Becca is awesome: I worked for Becca Cason Thrash for two years and can say without a doubt she is one of the smartest, most charming and most hardworking people I've ever known. She's certainly the most energetic person I've ever worked for. Few people realize she speaks several languages fluently (Spanish, Italian, and French) and is talented, interpersonally and designwise, on a level that absolutely cannot be taught. She's also raised more than $45 million (seriously) for causes worldwide in the last 15 or so years.

Yes, John Thrash owns a portion of CultureMap, but that has never been a secret, nor does it influence the outlet's coverage of his wife. They cover her because, frankly, she's one of the most interesting people in town and certainly hosts the best parties. Like it or not, that stuff makes for intriguing coverage that a lot of people want to see.

In the last decade, she's also been featured in major publications like Time, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, W Magazine, Town & Country, Elle Decor, Texas Monthly, Harper's Bazaar and countless others. Funny, her husband doesn't own any of those publications, and yet they still find her fascinating as a subject. If you don't find her fascinating as a subject, it's really quite simple. Just don't read it.


Good lord: What a stunning non-issue! Becca Cason Thrash turns up continually in society pages of every Houston publication. I really don't think Sarbanes, Oxley, nor their journalistic brethren are terribly worried about the disclosure issue on this piece of fluff.


Who cares? The publishers of fluff like CM, 002, Houston Modern Luxury or Paper City aren't interested in disclosure, full or otherwise. That would stop their wheels from turning altogether.

You'd be reading disclosures under every piece of edit. (Disclosure: the attorney portrayed above negotiated the divorce for our Publisher Mr. XYZ. Disclosure: the restaurant featured here provided a complimentary prom dinner to our Publisher's son, and 20 of his closest friends.)

True, they often consider themselves journalists, and may have graduated with a degree, or have been journalists at one time, but what they practice is apparently outside the rules of conventional journalism.


Pass the Teapot

Online readers comment on Willie Nelson's 'Green Friday' Leads to Teapot Party," Rocks Off blog, by Craig Hlavaty, November 29:

Fix it: I'm ashamed to be a Texan until­ this wrong is righted.


Wow: No one on his entire crew knew there were border checkpoints in the Valley?? First time there, or what? Roll the windows down and spray some air freshener next time.


Could this be the last straw? Are people just sick of this whole illegal pot crap? I am and many are. What are you going to do about it? Stand up and speak out. We just need a bit more support and we will end this failed drug war.

Brent in KY

Proud moment: You don't have to be some sort of drug-finding genius to know that there is weed on Willie Nelson's tour bus. I hope that the agent, who is probably 19 and from Kansas, is proud of himself today. These checkpoints are not for busting small quantities of pot; they are theoretically in place to catch illegal immigrants and large-scale drug-smuggling operations.


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