Party Down:The Funniest Show You're Not Watching

Who watches the Starz network? Who even knows if they have the Starz network on their cable lineup?

Starz, though, is the place to go to see the funniest TV show you should be watching -- Party Down, the story of actors in a dysfunctional catering service.

It's just pretty hilarious. And consider it our Memorial Day gift to you, whether you already know about it or need to get introduced to it.

The cast isn't that well-known -- there's Adam Scott, the obnoxious brother from Stepbrothers whose singing of "Sweet Child o' Mine" has inspired countless copycats on the web, and there's Jane Lynch, although her role has been curtailed with the success of Glee.

But the guest stars are high-quality. Check out shows here. You'll thank us.


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