Passionate Prius Drivers


Dumbest Employee Ever
Tries to sex up the boss's 11-year-old daughter.

By Richard Connelly

If you think Facebook-sexing your boss's pre-teen daughter is a good idea, you have something in common with Christopher Rohrman. And you don't really want to have too much in common with Christopher Rohrman.

At least partly because he's facing ­charges of communicating in a sexual manner online with a person he knew to be younger than 14.

How was he so sure of the age of the young girl? It was his boss's daughter, Harris County prosecutor Eric Devlin tells Hair Balls.

"He knew her personally, had met her as part of being an employee and had made some comments to her in person," Devlin says.

He then hooked up with her via his Facebook page, sending sexually explicit ­messages.

Which, unfortunately for him, the mother of the 11-year-old girl saw. And when she showed them to her husband, he recognized the Facebook page as Rohrman's, because the two had sometimes used it to communicate about business matters.

They called police in their small town in the Wharton area, and an arrest was made.

Rohrman is out on a $50,000 bond, but is barred from having any contact with ­children.


Passionate Prius Fans, Our Way

By Paul Knight

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Prius, Toyota is launching a Facebook competition to find "the most passionate Prius fan in the United States."

From Toyota's press release:

As a result, this car with the singularly recognizable silhouette has attracted a uniquely loyal customer base, a true community of shared pride and purpose. To celebrate everything that the Prius has become, Toyota will honor this community of like-minded buyers...

When we were researching "Wild Rides," an April 2009 cover story in the Houston Press, we encountered the unique customer base, and those Prius fans seemed really passionate after the story was published.

But there's a entirely different type of Prius driver, passionate about never driving the car again. To honor that group, we created our idea of what a Facebook page for these passionate Prius fans might look like.

(None of the people or comments on our page, by the way, are fictional. They're taken from Prius-related paperwork. The comment from Toyota's spokesman was his response to questions about unintended acceleration, published in "Wild Rides.")


There is a ton of new stuff each day on the Houston Press blogs; you're only getting a taste of it here in the print edition. Head to (or "/rocks" or "/eating") and under "Tools" on the top-right side of the page, use the "categories" drop-down menu to find these stories:


Notre Dame and Texas have signed an agreement to play each other four times, exposing UT to the kind of storied football tradition they aspire to. The Astros traded away their two remaining marquee players, and Nolan Ryan won't be coming along to buy the team (we switched our ownership hopes to Dallas's Mark Cuban). And the strange Brett Favre saga was examined thoroughly.

Crime, Courts

A border agent admitted he let illegals cross over to America because their female coyote was giving him some sweet, sweet loving. Former federal judge Sam Kent — noted harasser of women — complained it wasn't very nice in prison, what with the cellmate next door screaming as he was violently raped all night. And a former teacher who traveled to Canada to hook up with a 16-year-boy sued the officers who arrested her when she got back, partly because Canada has a lower age of consent.

Spaced City

The restrooms for female dockworkers at the Port of Houston are vile, but Mayor Annise Parker is on the case. After we received an impassioned letter from a man who says HPD overstepped its bounds in arresting him at an adult bookstore, we did some research (online, to be sure) and found five very odd complaints by Houstonians about the city's gay cruising spots. And the Houston Zoo Cute-Off continued to winnow out pretenders in its pitiless search to crown the OMG cutest animal in captivity.

Political Animals

Legendary gay activist Ray Hill can't get arrested in Houston no matter how hard he tries, including yelling into a cop's face that he's a "motherfucker" and "chickenshit," as video evidence showed. Instead of handcuffs he got eyerolls. The once-legendary KTRH-AM's news operation is now a sad rightwing propaganda machine, as one recent morning's listening showed dramatically. And yet another BARC whistleblower cried foul, while the troubled agency continued to stonewall on document requests.


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