Pee For Me, Please

(Guarantee -- No Lisa Nowak jokes will be made in the writing of this item.)

NASA workers, the country needs your pee.

The new Orion space capsule is designed to take astronauts to the moon and let them work there for months at a time. Astronauts, it turns out, piss just like the rest of us. (Dammit, is that guarantee really enforceable?)

Scientists need to figure out how to get rid of it. And to do that, they need to have some to get rid of.

The great website nasawatch posted a memo leaked (Ha! Get it?!) from NASA asking agency workers to donate urine.

The AP reports that Orion designers are seeking eight gallons of piss a day.

Getting rid of it is more difficult than you think. "Urine is a mess because urine is full of solids," a NASA engineer told AP. Those solids can clog filters used for dumping pee on shorter missions.

This isn't the first time NASA has asked its workers to donate their urine, but it's a big drive this time. So drink up, all you NASA boys and girls.

And whatever you do, don't bump into anyone carrying a plastic container in the hallway.

-- Richard Connelly


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