[Photos] What's Worse Than a Bunch of Evil Baby Dolls and Severed Heads?

I'll give you a hint. It's big. It's yellow. And it looks like it's on fire.

No, it's not Big Bird ACTUALLY aflame, it's a giant yellow Hummer covered in evil baby dolls and severed heads. That is apparently what Houston Press art director Monica Fuentes ran into outside of Target on 290 and Hollister last weekend as you can see by the images. At first, she thought the vehicle was on fire until she realized that it was only the fog machine attached to the roof.

Given the signage all over the windows for a moonwalk company, we're guessing this was simply a little creative advertising leading up to Halloween, if you call a rubber demon baby eating its own leg "creative." But, hey, the kids seemed to love it, so that's something.

For future reference, however, I would prefer my dolls to be in the shape of teddy bears and not oozing blood. Also, I would ask that they not be attached to a massive yellow Hummer, which is terrifying in its own right. Besides, shouldn't it be orange given the holiday?

Happy early Halloween, everybody! loves EATING HIS OWN FOOT...WHAT THE HELL? loves EATING HIS OWN FOOT...WHAT THE HELL?
The pentagram is a nice touch.
The pentagram is a nice touch.

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