What? Were you expecting something controversial?

Pick a Side

All the endless debating about the Iraq War wearing you down?

How about gay marriage? Do you even care anymore?

And when was the last time you heard someone say anything new about immigration?

Sounds like you're suffering from Big Issue Fatigue.

But fear not; there's still hope for your ideological mojo.

All you need to do is get fired up about an issue on which we all can agree to disagree:


Tomorrow morning the Helpers of God's Precious Infants (we'll let you figure out what side they're on) will be conducting mass in front of Planned Parenthood at 3601 Fannin as part of the 40 Days of Life campaign.

Counter-protesters are rallying the troops, so you can expect plenty of shouting and name-calling.

You should drop by. Amid all the prayers and swears, we guarantee you'll find that clarity you've been missing. — Keith Plocek


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