Police Problems

Police Problems

Online readers comment on "Under Fire," by Chris Vogel, June 17:

Hire her back: This officer has every right to stand up for herself. As a female officer, I know how hard it is out there. Everything gets looked at and twisted up the wrong way. God bless her. She wants people to know that she was hurt and done wrong, and HCC needs to give her her job back and get rid of this chief before more harm comes their way.


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Stupid: This smacks of a cover-up of major proportions. Losing this many officers in a short amount of time is stupid and shortsighted. Both the unqualified chief and Art Tyler need to be fired, and the officers should be reinstated with back pay. Otherwise, I hope they take HCC for every dollar they can get.


You have got to be kidding me: You have an officer with a DWI and other officers that have done much worse, and this dumb-ass chief who apparently himself hasn't been a cop for too long — or on the streets, for that matter — firing other officers for a curse word! Does he even know the levels of discipline for an officer? He needs to go, I mean now.


What an interesting story: I cannot believe the things going on at HCC. The leadership needs to be checked. Tyler, what is going on? Where's the Chancellor? I'm glad the officer had the courage to stand up for herself. Maybe if they get enough complaints, HCC can get a new person who actually knows how to manage a police department (and has ample experience under his/her belt).


Great article: Good solid description of the result of the infection that is running through this police group. I now understand why cities across this country consolidate their various police enforcement groups under the supervision and oversight of the metropolitan police chief. I wonder if criminal justice students at HCC are using this organizational mess in their studies as a practical application of what not to do.

Gary Packwood

Good work: We are glad we live in Florida, and are sharing this link with family, friends and business associates around the country. Chris Vogel should be commended for exposing the corruption. Our support goes to former HHC Police Officer Heather Perry, whose single indiscretion in a moment of frustration did not warrant the inappropriate action. Hats off to the other officers who are now stepping forward to expose this despicable cancer. One wonders how many others are involved in this cover-up? Keep on this story, Chris.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Henning

OMG: You have got to be kidding me! My classes are being cut as we speak because you guys on the board have this mess going on. What is wrong with you people? I mean, seriously, get your act together. Get a real chief, hire the officers back and focus on the people that count, us students.

HCC Student

The Question of Becks

Online readers comment on "What's the Deal with Becks Prime?" Eating...Our Words blog, by Geri Maria Harris, June 18:

You're not missing anything: It is vastly overpriced. There are far better burgers in town for much less. I throw rocks at Becks Prime.


No drive-thru: The burgers are always dry. I used to go to the one in the downtown tunnel because it was convenient. There is one near my house, and I only went one time to the drive-thru, just to get a dessert-­portion shake. With one car in front of me, they poured it and set it by the window. The one car in front of me finally got its order after ten to 15 minutes, and then I was handed a cup of melted ice cream. They were annoyed when I made them pour another, but nowhere near as annoyed as I after waiting 15 minutes for a thimble full of ice cream. Becks Prime should not have a drive-thru.


Becks fan: I'm a dyed-in-the-wool burger fan, and I really like Becks Prime. It's a fantastic burger, and it's one that can be had all over town (11 locations). I rank Becks at the top of the heap of the Better Burger category, and other interesting options, like the ahi tuna, really put it over the top.

Honestly, Becks Prime is more of a quick-service restaurant, like Cafe Express, which just happens to specialize in burgers. Want a steak? Want grilled chicken? Want grilled fish? Becks Prime has it. It's not cheap, but the prices aren't out of line, considering the quality delivered.


A founder responds: I am one of the founding partners of Becks Prime. When we opened our first restaurant 26 years ago on Kirby Drive, we did not intend to appeal to all people or be for all occasions. Our intention was to serve top-quality, freshly prepared "fast food." The experts told us, "No one will wait for you to cook their food to order." The overwhelming response was "I am here because you cook it to order" and "I eat here because I value the product and service you deliver."

We have grown to 11 locations in the greater Houston area. We would not be here today if our customers didn't believe their meal experience wasn't a good value. Over the years, our employees have taken great pride in preparing food for and serving our customers. Virtually all our menu selections are prepared from full recipes. We cut, grind and patty Certified Angus Choice Chuck in each kitchen each morning for the burgers served that day. All our meats are cooked over wood coals. We don't even have freezers in our kitchens.

We strongly believe there is no such thing as "fooling" the public. If no one "got it" and no one enjoyed our food, we would not be here today. We also understand our reputation is based on our customers' most recent meal experience. Preparing top-quality food from scratch and cooking it to order is a constant challenge we are willing to accept.

Lastly, we appreciate and welcome your comments. Many of the improvements we have made over the years have been based on customer feedback.

Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your business.

Mike Knapp, Becks Prime

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