Pollen Is Coming On Strong
Chart by Pollen.com

Pollen Is Coming On Strong

Guess what? If you're not sneezing, battling a runny nose or sore throat, then count yourself lucky. For everyone else, high levels of pollen are kicking their ass.

The drought, an early spring: a number of factors are combining to make it a bad pollen season.

It could be worse: You could be in Tennessee or the Deep South.

The Associated Press reports that:

A clinic at Vanderbilt University in Nashville recorded 11,000 grains of pollen per cubic meter Tuesday, the worst in the 12 years they've tracked the number. The Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic says this week's pollen counts have beaten a high mark recorded there in April 1999. Their count for Tuesday was almost 9,400. Fifteen-hundred is considered very high.

Much of Texas is bad, too, but believe it or not Houston isn't among the worst parts, as this map of yesterday's pollen counts from pollen.com shows:

Pollen Is Coming On Strong

Geez -- we're right on the cusp of "medium"!! So stop your complaining, won't you?

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