Poor Boys, Ethiopian Tacos and Dynamo Fans

An online reader comments on "Poor Boy Paradise," by Robb Walsh, November 15:

Rooting for Café Orleans: The review didn't mention the quality of the bread on the poor boys at Café Orleans Express, an issue for me. I'm happy to have found the bread is superior to the Wonder bread-like sandwich rolls used on most poor boys in the Houston area. It's a little chewy, not quite as crusty as I'd like, but okay. It took 15 minutes to get my cheeseburger poor boy. Not having had one since Original New Orleans Po-Boy closed and Jazzie went downhill, I forgot that with a properly dressed N'awlins hamburger poor boy, cheese is superfluous. Next time, I'll omit it and ask them to leave off the onions too (there were too many). I didn't try any fried foods other than the fries, which were a little chewy, but everything I saw looked pretty dark, i.e., overcooked.

I hope they make it as a chain; I'd like to have one in my neighborhood as opposed to another Starbuicks Burnt Tire Beverage Co. or Universe of Wings, etc. Maybe they'll be so successful they can concoct their own toned-down seasoning mix and convince Sysco to provide them with a frozen poor boy-shaped hamburger patty.


Houston Dynamo

Comment by brucesw — November 20

An online reader comments on "Barfly Thai," by Robb Walsh, October 25:

You nailed it, Robb: V's Thai is one of the best Thai places in town, from a food perspective. But its bar scene is a wild card: It may detract from or add to your experience. I've taken my young son into the fairly empty dining room, and we both devoured the food, while feeling somewhat "on exhibit."

Then again, I've gone in alone to eat at the bar, hang with the regulars and (gulp) drink too much...fueled on by fantasies about the knockout bartender, whose attention grew more beguiling when she took up the karaoke mike and sang a haunting song of unrequited love in Thai. Either way, it's proven a very friendly, accepting place, almost like a Cajun/Thai joint, where there's no pretense and no holding back on big flavors, big personalities and good cheer. I hope others will try V's, and contribute their thoughts.

Comment by richard b. — October 25

Eating Our Words blog readers comment on "Jay Francis, Food Explorer: Ethiopian Chili Tacos at Nazareth Cafe on Chimney Rock," November 12, by Robb Walsh:

Question answered: I have always wondered what kind of place that was. It is hard to tell with the blacked-out windows. Now I will have to try it.


From the Food Explorer: Don't be surprised if you're the only patrons in the place when you go. I got the impression that the Ethiopians eat pretty late, starting around 11 p.m., and stay for the music on the weekends.

Try the doro wot, which is one or two chicken drumsticks and a hard-boiled egg cooked in a dark, slightly sweet curry. It reminds me a tiny little bit of mole negro from Oaxaca.

First-timers, I would recommend the vegetarian sampler so that you can try a lot of dishes at once.

When your order arrives, the dishes will be presented with a flat piece of injera and a separate plate of injera folded into triangles. Tear off some of the injera and scoop up some of the curries. Only the brave need try the "Ethiopian Taco" shown in the photo.

Jay Francis

A Houstoned Ballz blog reader comments on "Yo Si Le Voy, Le Voy al Naranja: Houston Dynamo Keep the MLS Cup," November 19, by Keith Plocek:

No winning: How long do you think it will be before the Dynamo figure out that winning is unacceptable? If they really want to assimilate to Houston sports culture, they'll need to create some lofty expectations and then fail miserably, preferably in some catastrophic, "Are you friggin' serious?" manner.


A Houstoned Ballz reader comments on "Coach Kevin Constantine Talks Sugar Land, Sharks, Penguins and Aeros," November 15, by John Royal:

Keep up the good work: John, as a season ticket holder I really appreciate the effort and information you provide on the Aeros that we don't get anywhere else.


Houstoned Ballz readers comment on "Rockets-Lakers from Press Row: T-Mac Goes Down, Derek Fisher Steps Up," November 15, by Jason Friedman:

Outrageous Violet: Great write-up, Jason. I just want to know what Violet Palmer's review sheet looks like. I was yelling at the television about her horrid calls less than five minutes into the game.

Typically I don't notice referees, but when the same one calls so many out­rageous ones in one game, it's hard to ignore them.

It was good to see the Rockets play better defense in the second half. That's the first time in the last three games I thought the defense looked sound, collapsing to protect the paint and closing out hard on outside shooters.

Should be interesting to see how the team responds without Tracy McGrady in the next three tough games.


Bad Violet, good Fisher: Good point about Palmer, one of the worst refs in the league. Isn't there supposed to be more transparency in the whole ref review process after the Tim Donaghy scandal? Shouldn't the NBA post these reviews somewhere? Maybe you can write an article about it?

Nice article; the interview with Derek Fisher gives good perspective. Did you let Fisher know we have some of the best doctors and hospitals here in Houston, and the leading cancer research institute at MD Anderson? If we had Fisher at point guard instead of Rafer Alston, this team would really be as good as Fisher thinks.


Boo ref, go Fisher: Great article. As much as I dislike him as a player, Fisher is a solid guy.

Palmer's refereeing was shameful on both ends of the court. I have no idea what she was doing out there, and neither did she.



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