Prius Is Looking For Passionate Fans On Facebook; We Deliver

To celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Prius, Toyota is launching a Facebook competition to find "the most passionate Prius fan in the United States."

From Toyota's press release:

As a result, this car with the singularly recognizable silhouette has attracted a uniquely loyal customer base, a true community of shared pride and purpose. To celebrate everything that the Prius has become, Toyota will honor this community of like-minded buyers...

When we were researching " Wild Rides ," an April 2009 cover story in the Houston Press , we encountered the unique customer base, and those Prius fans seemed really passionate after the story was published.

But there's a entirely different type of Prius drivers, passionate about never driving the car again. To honor that group, we created our idea of what a Facebook page for passionate Prius fans might look like.

(None of the people or comments on our page, by the way, are fictional. They're taken from Prius-related paperwork. The comment from Toyota's spokesman was his response to questions about unintended acceleration, published in "Wild Rides.")

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