Prominent Houston Lawyer Faces Sexual Allegations


Richard Laminack, one of the more well-known mass-torts lawyers in town, is in a bit of legal trouble of his own.

Laminack once teamed with the legendary John O'Quinn on huge suits over things like breast implants and Vioxx.

Now a former employee is suing him, according to The American Lawyer, for -- among other things -- "demanding sexual favors from male and female employees."

Paralegal Angela Robinson also alleges Laminack told her to perform a sexual act on a poorly performing deponent. Oh, and she also says he planned to defraud Fen-Phen clients, but without anything sexual involved.

"Laminack's trysts are both a well-known and established part of the firm's 'lore,'" the complaint says.

Robinson was fired in April and is seeking $55,000. Laminack, who now heads his own firm, did not return a call from Hair Balls.

-- Richard Connelly


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