Quanell X -- Let's Go To The Videotape

This week's cover feature profiles activist Quanell X, who says his days as an anti-white, anti-gay and anti-Jew hate-monger are behind him. Quanell says he's matured over the past decade and felt racism first-hand within his own Muslim community, and now wants to build bridges between the groups he once denounced in order to help solve what he now feels is the greatest problem facing the African-American community, itself.

Here is a sampling of videos of Quanell X in action over the last 10 years.

Here, a young and angry Quanell X is a guest of Bill O'Reilly.

Whether people agree or disagree with Quanell X, he certainly draws a crowd. Here he is amidst the chaos of a rally concerning the Joe Horn shooting incident.

Always an advocate for civil rights, Quanell X rails against the Harris County sheriff's office.

Drawing attention to the hate he both inspired and practiced, Quanell X is spoofed as a hater.

-- Chris Vogel


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