The picture's good and Cali's cute as buttons -- but not nearly stoopid enough.

Re: Wanted: Stoopid Christmas Fotos

As expected, we've gotten some stoopid holiday fotos of cats (they seem to make the best stooped holiday pic fodder, no?). Reader Courtney sends us this one of "Cali."

Thing is, Courtney, this pic is almost too good. Cali's in the running, but if you've got a bad pic of this kitty in a stocking or dangling from Christmas lights in a classic "Hang in There!" pose, bring it!

And a reminder that we're taking your holiday photos through the end of the year. We're picking winners randomly, so don't be surprised if you get an e-mail from us offering up free downloads, swag, etc.

Send your stoopid holiday pics to


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