Readers loved the tale of José & Magdalena...

The Tale of José and Magdalena

Powerful: Thank you for the lovely story of José and Magdalena; what amazing humans those two are ["Love in the Time of Leprosy," by John Nova Lomax, July 30]. It was wonderful to read such a positive, powerful and uplifting story amongst the drivel of today's "journalism." I will most assuredly try and get my hands on this book.

Janna Hamilton


overrated Houston restaurants

Long time coming: I just finished reading your article and found it very informative and enlightening. Kudos to you for writing this story; I'm so glad that José and Magdalena are doing such wonderful work to teach people about the stigma of having leprosy. So many of the Bible stories have included leprosy and lepers in them — how they were outcasts and isolated. It has been a long time coming for folks to know that it is not contagious.

Nancy Lauritsen

Great story: I read your story "Love in the Time of Leprosy," and I wanted to tell you how wonderful an article it is. Thanks for publishing it. When I started reading the piece, I had a sense of dread, but I ended up feeling very uplifted by José Ramirez's story. It reads like a Hollywood Oscar bait-­plotted movie, but to realize that it is a true story made it even more enjoyable. I especially loved the part about his body turning black and his experience as a Mexican American, then experiencing everyday life as an African American in the South in the 1960s. Truth is indeed stranger/better than fiction.

Robert A. Loya
Kansas City

Restaurant Rumble

Online readers respond to "Houston's Most Overrated Restaurants (According to You)," Eating...Our Words blog, by Katharine Shilcutt, August 6:

More guidance: Sorry, but this was stupid. How could some of those places be overrated if no one considers them rated well? Crap is crap, not overrated. People's reasons for going to some places have nothing to do with the food (an example is Cafe Adobe on Westheimer, which is a sausage fest for guys who want that). Also, some people just do not have a palate and never think about where they eat. Some guidance on what is overrated (or underrated) would be helpful next time.

Comment by Ken from Houston

Haha: Chuy's and Pappasito's are my two absolute favorite places to eat.

Comment by Jason from The Woodlands

Inflammatory: Houston Press should be thrown directly under a speeding bus. This is an inflammatory article which does nothing more than hurt people. Your featured comment was from a person who has no clue as to food cost or product quality. This person has limited scope and vision, and I personally will boycott any dealings with Houston Press from our restaurant group. F**K YOU!

Comment by Jj from houston

Reminder: Thanks for reminding me that I need to go eat at some of my favorite restaurants more often, like Beaver's and Rainbow Lodge.

Comment by FoodPrincess from Houston

Wow! It is so amazing how people take this so seriously. Now, now, Jj, be nice. Big boys have thick skin, right? At least that's what you said. People should realize when you put yourself out there in the public eye, you're going to have to take the good with the bad.

Oh, and by the way, the readers do know what they're saying. They spent their money and were served mediocre food, or whatever. Easy for you to say that they don't know what they're talking about. What a lame excuse. Twitter and all these public lines just show how really closed-minded some of you really are. Trouble in paradise, huh?

It is in bad taste for people to comment back towards HP on their reviews. Grow up. In defense of Shilcutt, she was only doing her job, even though a can of worms was opened for all. Oh, one more thing; not sure if you could survive the brutal reality in NYC, San Francisco or even Chicago, for that matter. That's where the big boys live and play.

Comment by kjm from houston

In response to JJ: In Shilcutt's defense, hers was a reasonable question, and the title clearly states it is not the Press's opinion, nor her opinion, but the readers' opinion. And why not feature readers' opinions? It is pretty clear that Houstonians have strong opinions about food, restaurants and what they feel is worth their money and what is not. Honestly, I'm not sure if any of these comments are so much worse than anything you'd see on b4-u-eat, Yelp, or Citysearch. The bitter F-you is ridiculous. Instead of getting pissed off at Shilcutt/the Press (who, after all, simply reported what people said), perhaps you should recognize that your efforts haven't resonated with all of your clientele and figure out if you care enough to address that.

Comment by kd from houston

Editor's note: Reef was accidentally left off the list, but a correction has been made.

Childish: This is for JJ and all the others whose itty-bitty feewings are hurt: Grow up! Take the criticism and do something constructive with it. Did it ever occur to you that 1) you're killing the messenger and 2) perhaps you can, I don't know, improve your business with this information? God forbid that you guys take a look in the mirror and discover that perhaps your menus do need tweaking or that maybe there is some validity to many of the comments and/or ratings. But to attack the person who merely put together the information is ridiculous and childish.

Your arrogance toward all of the "plebian, filthy masses" is stunning! We know food, we know good food and we know mediocre food when we taste it. Just because you disagree doesn't mean that many people haven't actually experienced something less than desirable at your restaurants. I would think you would want to know this.

Comment by Red on the Head

Where's Reef? Before even reading this comment, I was thinking the exact same thing. Although I don't agree with the Reef hate — I actually enjoy the food quite a bit — there was much Reef negativity in the initial comments. Thinking there may be some social media love going on by not top ten-ing basically any of the social media-friendly establishments.

Comment by Vernon Guy

With you: These are excellent ratings. I've been to most of them and would heartily agree.

Comment by Jeff Share


It was a perfect match

In "Love in the Time of Leprosy" [by John Nova Lomax, July 30,] we incorrectly wrote that José Ramirez had been voted most popular in his high school class, while Magdalena Santos had been voted second most popular in hers. In fact, both Ramirez and Santos were voted second most popular in their respective classes.

The Houston Press regrets the error.


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