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The Kitchen Ink

Wow! I guess the more photos you have, the less you have to write ["Chef Tats," by Katharine Shilcutt, April 15]. Bravo. As the months drag on, the ads pile up and the articles disappear. Was it really so expensive to subscribe to Tom Tomorrow and Ask a Mexican? You should check out some other big-city weeklies like The Stranger in Seattle, The Mercury in Portland and, of course, The Village Voice. They balance their ad space with entertaining editorial. You are almost composed entirely of advertisements, and the few articles you have discuss tattoos and losing sports teams.

Name withheld by request

A squeamish reader: Knowing a chef with tattooed hands has been prepping my meal is like seeing the surgeon's open sore just as the anesthesia kicks in. I'm writing down the names of these restaurants and never going near them.

R.T. Castleberry


Online readers weigh in: Tattoo gripe: I think an article about tats and chefs is silly. But my main gripe is the lack of good ink. I think I saw two or three decent tats, but the rest look like crap. This is your main article for the week?

Bill Stevens

Tats right: I've always found it amusing (and frustrating) how people assume that if you have a lot of ink, then you're Spam-sucking trailer trash. The majority of us are pretty darn artistic and sensitive, with a dash of gray matter upstairs to boot.

Just like any other medium, cooking is an art. It doesn't shock me in the least to find out those creative souls are tatted up. Thanks for the great story! I'd love to see more pics of their tats.

Angela Dawn

Jason and Luigi's

Online readers weigh in on "­Classic Combo," by Jason Kerr, April 15: I'm sorry, Jason: I'm sure you're a nice guy, but boy, I miss Robb Walsh. This review reads like a high-school ­essay. I've been able to discover so many wonderful restaurants reading the Dining reviews in the Press. I hope those days have not come to a close.

Richard Doll

Houston Press: Where did you dig this guy Jason Kerr up from...a malodorous Dumpster outside some greasy spoon? Because his simpleton-like writing has all the impact and appeal of the wilted lettuce and maggot-ridden, half-eaten refuse one might find in such a Dumpster. It's tragic that Robb Walsh jumped ship. Houston is doomed if the Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook defects as well. Anyway, go ahead and splurge. Throw some real money out there and invest in a qualified food critic.


Good one: Thanks for highlighting the best pizza inside the Loop! The ­owners and staff are super-friendly. It's nice they're getting good press.


Um: Who the hell is this Kerr guy, and why should I spend my money based on his opinion? Robb Walsh had street cred. Kerr's first review is of a pizza joint — spaghetti and meatballs and, oh yes, pizza. Wow, I'm impressed! Way to go, Houston Press.

Sandy Davis

@Sandy Davis: Robb Walsh went out of his way to find eateries that served expensive dishes of steak and seafood and $1.75 barbacoa tacos from a taco truck on Fondren. What difference does it make if Jason Kerr's first review is of a pizza shop? Maybe you should go to Luigi's. You might like it.

Kyle Chapman

Appreciate the review, Jason: I must say, though, as someone who was raised in New Jersey and lived next to Luigi's for a year and a half, this place was pretty disappointing. I've tried various dishes on five or six occasions and was never very impressed. The crust is doughy; the sauce is thin and bland. The calzones had the same problem — not bad, but just nothing special. The owners were, in fact, very nice, and I can imagine it being a great place for college kids needing a pizza fix. That said, there are several much better places around town — Frank's Downtown, Dolce Vita and even New York Pizzeria.

Pizza Guy

Tea Party in the Park

Online readers comment on "A Day at Discovery Green with the Tea Partiers," Hair Balls blog, by Craig Hlavaty, April 16:One thousand people? And no discernible message* whatsoever??? Pfft. Fuck 'em. That's less people in attendance than you'd reasonably expect to get at a free junior high dance recital at Miller Outdoor Theatre on a Tuesday night.

Why are we supposed to take these clowns seriously again? Can we go back to ignoring crazy people now?

*No discernible message that they can put on a sign publicly without being denounced as bigots, that is.

Mr. Happy

Question: Where were these people during Bush? Oh yeah, that's right, they were fine with him bailing out companies and starting two wars. It's merely a coincidence that they discovered how to protest once a black man is elected president.


Your Right to Know
Houston Press writers post a strong showing in First Amendment contest

Houston Press writers did well in this year's two-state First Amendment Awards program sponsored by the Fort Worth chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Chris Vogel took home two firsts in the competition. He got first place in the Green News category for "A Quiet Hell," an investigation into how the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality oversees chemical plants, and another first in the Defending the Disadvantaged category for "For Their Own Good," his investigation into the isolation that juveniles certified as adults are kept in before they go to trial.

Craig Malisow won the Opening the Books category for "Credit Repairs," about consumer-counseling abuses. He was a finalist in the same category for "Cover Me," his investigation into the problems with so-called "limited insurance plans." Malisow was also a finalist in the General News category for "BARC Sucks," his look at the operations of and malfunctions at the City of Houston's animal control center.

Mike Giglio, a former fellow for the Press, was a finalist in the Defending the Disadvantaged category for "You Want a Piece of Me?" — the story of a young homeless man who was offered money to sell his kidney to a Houston businessman.

The Fort Worth SPJ First Amendment Awards cover print and broadcast news outlets in Texas and Oklahoma­.

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