Readers push back against George Bush's library and Cesar Chavez's exclusion.

Pushed Out

Hello! Hello! Last time I checked, SMU was located in Dallas — spelled D-A-L-L-A-S — not Houston — spelled H-O-U-S-T- O-N ["Getting Schooled," by Matt Pulle, July 2]. Bush has been out of office for more than five months, and your liberal rag just can't stop the bashing. This time it is about a library in D-A-L-L-A-S. Don't you have some sister liberal rag up I-45 that can do the Bush bashing for the D-A-L-L-A-S area? I don't recall any articles from your paper when the combination Clinton Presidential Library/Massage Parlor was being built somewhere in Arkansas. Our motto: "Happy Finish, Guaranteed." Please leave the D-A-L-L-A-S Bush bashing to your sister paper.

Richard E. Ambrose


George W. Bush library

Online readers weigh in:

Faithful followers: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and apparently, neither do the ethics — fitting issue for the traitor's memorial. Bush and his administration raped the constitution and along with it all true patriots of the United States of America, who just sat there and took it. With leadership like that, what can you expect from the followers?

Comment by Freeda

Milking it: There's some shoddy, sensationalistic reporting at work here. I was privy to some of the offers for these housing condos, which, in many cases, were many, many times more than the appraised value of the land and structures on it. This is not a case of SMU taking advantage of these poor folks — this is a case of some excessively litigious individuals milking everything they can out of a situation in which they were not mistreated or lowballed in any way, shape or form. This is disgusting — individuals like this are always looking for easy ways to make a quick buck when they weren't even wronged by suing those with more money, who would rather settle than pay all of the attorney's fees it will cost to work this thing through the courts. These people are part of the reason our economy is where it is.

Comment by disgusted

Makes sense: Gee, what a surprise that the Bush 2 Library would be enmeshed in a scandal, taking advantage of people with secrecy and lies! Fitting mirror of the Bush 2 legacy.

Comment by Barry Condon from Chicago

In the Name of Chavez

Online readers respond to "Benjamin Franklin Sí, Cesar Chavez No? Let's Examine,"

by Richard Connelly, Hair Balls blog, July 13:

You are pathetic, Richard Connelly: I agree on Thurgood Marshall — that's a guy we can follow — but Chavez, give me a break. He was a Communist, and I don't think he is someone that I would be proud of. By the way, I'm Hispanic, and for me he is not a "role model and inspirational figure for Hispanics across the country." He doesn't inspire me a bit. Count me out.

Eduardo Almanza

Oh no! A Communist! Noooooo!!!!! Won't somebody please think of the children! Aghast! Ye Gods! Our dear State of Texas will shrivel and die at the teaching of such a dastardly Red Plot. Thank Christ Our Savior that we prevented this fiendish plot before it could corrupt our precious youth. Now Lady Texas will stand strong. Sigh, if only the other states knew of the Communist Threat that faced them. If only they could see the evil hiding within their midst. Textbooks: Refuge of Communists.


Hmm: Smart money says "Eduardo Almanza" is really "Edward [blatantly Caucasian surname]."


Shame: These revisionists are trying to maintain their political power by keeping the populace ignorant. Having a large voting population who is ignorant of political history and evolution is their last-ditch effort to keep Texas Republican. And once again, Rick Perry and Texas Republicans have shamed the State of Texas and validated the nation's and the world's opinion that we're all just a bunch of ignorant idiot yahoo rednecks.

Scott Bodenheimer

The Arrival of the Taco Burger

Online readers respond to "Do-It-Yourself Taco Burgers," Eating Our Words blog, by J.C. Reid, July 2:

A fan of J.C.: You are a genius and may you live to be 1,000 years old.

Chicken Fried Texan

My stoned friend! Let's get together and smoke a bowl of 'dro!


Breakfast taco-burger: Here is another one to work on — a combo breakfast taco-burger. If you can get a breakfast sandwich with ham, sausage or bacon, why not a burger? Add the eggs with potatoes, cheese and eggs on top. Add whatever salsa you may need. New challenge.


Are you kidding me? Genius? It's no wonder Houstonians are still so obese. And just because we're no longer the country's fattest city, it doesn't mean obesity isn't an issue. I am a foodie myself, but seriously, this taco-burger combination should not be looked upon as genius. That is an insult to true culinary masters. My drunk uncle would come up with an idea like a taco-topped burger. Give me a break. Idiots.

Kyle Westbrook

It sounds great to me: I'm also highly interested in the Frito pie burger.

Captain Awesome

Hubcap heretic: I like the idea, but — and I know this is sacrilege — I'm not too fond of the Hubcap. There's a weird smokiness to their meat that I'm just not fond of. I had Sparkle Burger for the first time the other day, and besides the long wait, it was delicious. And it's across the street from Brothers Tacos. Coincidence, or match made in heaven?


Media and the Mayor,

An online reader responds to "Wanted: Social Media Consultant for Annise Parker'sCampaign," By Fayza Elmostehi, Hair Ballsblog, July 17:

Making headlines: In a race that is clearly wide open between Parker, Locke and Brown, an Obama-esque social media-based fund-raising strategy could easily tip the balance. Parker is best positioned to exploit this because of her appeal to younger, progressive voters. I just wish White were eligible and interested — he'll be a hard act to follow, regardless of who wins this election. Julie Pippert is correct, in my opinion. The correct usage of Twitter in a campaign is a headline feed (along with appeals to "spread the Gospel" via the viral world of social media connections). Getting chatty doesn't raise money and bring in votes, which is the way you win elections regardless of which media you exploit to do so.



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