Readers React to our River Oaks Monster Tale

A Conning Pro

Online readers comment on "Friends with Benefits," by John Nova Lomax, July 27:

Cautionary tale: Really, short of blood or marriage, you can't know anyone enough to trust them. I read a story like this and I know I did the right thing by admitting my mom to a nursing home when her Alzheimer's progressed. The money and belongings don't mean anything compared to the abuse and damage a clown like this can cause.


Good stuff: Lomax, the visual details are unbelievable. This is probably one of the most insane stories I've ever read. Also, the cover picture is badass.


A lot of harm: Dinesh Shah was able to carry on for all these years due to his method of isolating his victims and intimidating them into silence. Some are ashamed to come forward and/or afraid of him. He's done a lot of harm, more than could ever be fit into a two-part article in the Houston Press.

Montrose Insider

Greanias and Porn

Online readers comment on "Metro's George Greanias Suspended for Porn Viewing (UPDATED With Sites He Visited)," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, July 28:

Don't care: If he takes a 15-minute break here or there and looks at whatever he wants — what was this, like 14 sites he visited over 180 days? — I couldn't care less as a taxpayer, as long as he is doing a great job at what he does. Now, if he was caught visiting sites like, then we would have issues.

I grow tired of this sort of witch hunt by METRO haters. I don't care what a person looks at online at their job if they are on break. Now, if it was 14 full days at eight hours each of those days, that would be an issue, as it is interfering with work. But if it was over lunch or a break, why do we care?

Gilbert Velasquez

You have to be kidding: Disband the entire organization, as it's apparent that it is cursed. Most legit organizations have controls to prevent these sites from being accessed in the first place.

Not only is METRO corrupt, the city planners are inept. Look at the mess downtown. La Branch, Fannin, Main St. Bridge, Smith, all under construction at the same time, putting a stranglehold on downtown mobility. The Houston Press should report on this, too.


Move on: I am a taxpayer, and I care about the big issues being resolved and done efficiently. Greanias has shown great leadership since he came on board, showing the transparency that we didn't have before in that institution. I also admire the fact that he took full responsibility. Let's move on. What I don't want to see is my taxes being used to hire someone to check if employees are shopping online or checking any other Web sites not related to work. That would be a waste of money.


Not right: It's disgusting that we pay a huge salary to someone like this to do that on "company" time. My husband recently lost his job, but this schmuck still has his job. Our tax dollars are going to pay his salary!


I've got to say: I'm impressed that Greanias didn't try to say he looked at the sites by accident, but simply acknowledged that he thought he was using his personal computer. Many have handled similar incidents less gracefully.


On company time: I think he's more skillful than graceful. I'm only impressed by his slick answer, not that he was forthcoming. We're still dealing with the fact that he was on METRO's network, on company time. The owner of the computer is irrelevant in this case. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm posting this on a company computer, via a company network and on company time. But at least I'm blocked from looking at porn...


Once and Future Kings

Online readers comment on "Defending Kings of Leon: Blood Is Thicker Than Tequila," by Rocks Off, Rocks Off blog, August 3:

Not five years: I love this article, but five years? Are you trying to kill me? I have been a fan since the beginning. My wife and I both have talked about how tired they look and about their alcohol use. We have been very worried about it, because no one can keep drinking so much and not have it affect their life in a negative manner. When you drink heavily like they do, it is like two buses driving toward each other on a one-lane bridge — someone's going to get hurt if you don't slow down.

No matter how long they take a break for, I will be there when they return, and I will probably still be posting on the fan club till that day comes. But five years is a little long, guys! I could die before then.


Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima and Lucky

Online readers comment on "Top 5 Politically Incorrect Food Icons," Eating...Our Words blog, by Joanna O'Leary, July 27:

Too much: This whole intolerance for anything deemed remotely offensive has gotten silly. When the Texas Tech Red Raiders get put on the top ten list of offensive mascots, you know it has gotten out of hand. And what of Notre Dame or the Minnesota Vikings? Are they next? They have been deemed offensive to some, as well.


Another one: I bet the Quakers are still beside themselves whenever they pass by the oatmeal section. Remember, Quakers are not all fat and jolly, and they most certainly do not wear ridiculous hats.



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