Real Life Scene From The Wire In Rural Santa Fe

Remember that scene in season two of The Wire where Bubbles and his junko partner Johnny Weeks get caught pillaging a Baltimore ambo for needles and morphine?

Apparently these two Santa Fe women did. They are alleged to have practically reenacted the gritty B-More theft rural-redneck Galveston County-style.

Santa Fe police allege that the two women, former EMS employees Amanda Kay Grigg and Heather Elizabeth Bemrose, phoned in a false report of an ailing man behind a business on FM 1764. When police and paramedics arrived, they couldn't find anyone and returned to their respective posts .

Minutes later, the same police who responded to the phantom man received a call from the very same paramedics who had joined them on that call about a disturbance at the Santa Fe EMS station. They claimed to have found Grigg (no relation to Kima Griggs) ransacking the town's other ambulance for drugs while Bimrose served as a look-out.

Grigg faces charges of burglary of a motor vehicle, possession of dangerous drugs and false alarm or report and is being held on $8,000 bond, while Bemrose is up on burglary of a motor vehicle and false alarm or report. She's being held on $6,500 bond.

No word on if the two have any info on Santa Fe equivalents to Prop Joe and Stringer Bell that they can exchange for early release.

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