Rebecca Burrell: Her Kids Say She Made Them Take Nude Photos of Her

A 34-year-old Humble woman faces charges after her two daughters told police she made them take nude photos of her to send to a boyfriend.

Rebecca Lynn Burrell denied the claims to cops and said her daughters were "liars."

Court documents show the girls told investigators that in March 2011, when they were aged nine and 11, Burrell asked them to use her cell phone to take pictures of her.

One girl said that Burrell exposed her breasts, vagina and buttocks to her. One of the poses involved Burrell "bent over and touch[ing] the floor with her buttocks in the air," the girl told police.

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She also said while her mother was showering, the cell phone got a text message that included a photo of a man's penis.

The other girl said Burrell posed for her wearing a dress, "bending over with no underwear on."

Burrell has been charged with indecency with a child.

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