Responses to our Best of Houston® Issue

Our online readers had some opinions on our Best of Houston® edition:

Best Picnic Spot, Bell Park

Bell no: Whoever decided that Bell Park is the best picnic spot is sadly mistaken. I live in the neighborhood. It was true maybe four years ago, but in the past two years it has become potentially very dangerous as it is a daily hangout for vagrants and others who appear to have serious mental or drug problems. They can be seen anywhere from 6:30 a.m. to past 9:30 p.m. During the past year, the number of these people has increased dramatically, and now they can be found there sleeping on benches, cleaning their clothes in the ponds, bathing themselves in the pond and the water fountains on the edge of the park, drinking alcohol and who knows what else, as there are no public bathrooms on site.


Best of Houston 2008

There have been numerous complaints to the parks department by neighbors, but their only apparent action has been to post signs with park rules, which have nothing to do with the vagrancy problem. It is such a shame that this park is not the jewel it used to be.

Larry Butler from HOUSTON

Best Pho, Thien An

It's the best: I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this is the best pho, in Midtown anyway. But now I'm afraid it's really, really going to be packed during lunchtime.

Comment by neverfull from houston

Best Local Actress, Mikelle Johnson

No whining: The only comment I have to make about this is that I've seen much better. Big Death/Little Death was a decent production and her delivery was right on, but the whininess of her character was so distracting that by the time we got to the middle of the play, I was hoping for her character's death just so I wouldn't have to listen to her anymore.

Comment by Jack Theriot from


Best New Restaurant, Feast

This place is awesome: We drive miles to get to it. Even if your palate could not be described as adventurous, there are plenty of tasty tidbits for you. Salads, soups, seafood — it's all good.

Comment by Mary

Best Vintage Clothing, Retropolis

Not a fan: I assume you forgot to mention the smell of cat piss as part of the wonderful ambience of Retropolis. That store is not just "crowded," it is disgusting. I just moved to Houston and was in search of some vintage spots to add to my retail rounds. Upon your advice, I went to Retropolis, found nothing and ended up having to leave because I was having an insanely bad allergy attack. I fared much better at Wear It Again Sam, which I will assume is the "store up the road" you referenced. The clothes were beautiful. I am a firm believer in "you pay for what you get." And if you want the smell of cat piss in your clothes, well then by all means, sister, you can have it.

Comment by katie white from houston

Best Coffeehouse, Catalina Coffee

Adios, Catalina: I agree with your pick for Catalina, but I unfortunately will never return to this establishment after my experience there this past weekend. They have plated up all of their electrical outlets. When I asked whether there was a problem with the power, I was told that they didn't want people who have been displaced by the hurricane taking advantage of their power source to get work done.

I have been a patron of this coffee shop since the doors opened. I have brought many people there. One of the reasons I go there is to use their wi-fi for an hour while I enjoy my fine cup of coffee. I think there is probably a better way to handle over­usage of their 20-plus power outlets, like maybe a sign asking people to please not use them for more than an hour or two. I also think it's total crap that their position is to intentionally not help people who are without power after the hurricane. I will never go back, but that's just me.

Comment by sampson1521 from


Best Lighting, Meridian

Shine a light: I'll have to disagree with this. We were just saying this week that it's too dark there. You can hardly find your crew when you return from the bathroom break. Perhaps a few more lights could help.

Comment by Brandie

Best Sports Moment, The Marching Owl
Band Goes After Todd Graham

Hurricane coming: The whole world also knows this paper is used for things not related to reading. What a joke. But don't worry, the Golden Hurricane is going to dish out about 63 points of punishment on the Owls.

Comment by Blair from Oklahoma City

What a douche: Notice that Blair, along with every other Tulsa fan who ever complained about the MOB show, never once denies that Todd Graham is, in fact, a douchebag.

Comment by WaldemarSchmedlap from


I beg to differ: Most of our fans really like Graham. They respect him. We know he'll leave eventually, and we're cool with that. Some may call him names whenever that happens (depends on the circumstances), but for the most part, he's very well liked.

That said, most of our fans have been banned by your message board, so it's not like we can spend a lot of time over there defending him.

Comment by Gold from Tulsa

You guys are pathetic: This is your best sports moment? How exactly is Graham a douchebag? Because he left after one season to take a job that he really wanted and work for an administration hell-bent on upgrading the facilities and giving a damn about football? Graham took the Rice job because it was a step up from his assistant job at Tulsa, even if it was at a university that showed little to no commitment to the program. Graham took the Tulsa head coaching job because it was a step up from the Rice head coaching job. See how this works?

Coaches ultimately want jobs that are better than the previous one. Someday, Graham will probably leave Tulsa for a BCS job. Does that make him a douchebag? No. We will thank him for all he has done and wish him well. He took your sorry program to its first bowl game in 40-some years, and you thank him by having your sorry-ass band humiliate his good name? The Rice fan commenting is the real douchebag, no two ways about it. He's simply jealous they don't have the kind of program Tulsa has. The Rice football program was relevant two years ago under Graham, but he is a douchebag to the Rice fan. LOL, losers

Comment by Jim from Dallas

Disband: The MOB quit being clever and entertaining 20 years ago. Now it is just stupid and juvenile. It should have been disbanded after the SWC broke up.

Comment by Phil from Houston

Best Family Restaurant, Tony's Mexican

Really? I simply don't understand why this place is popular. I live not too far from this restaurant and have given it a few tries. It is ordinary. The queso is very bland. I just don't get it. The only positives are the service and the margaritas.

Comment by LP from Houston

Blech! Horrible. Not only is the food not good, but you're seriously recommending a place with Everclear margaritas to take your kids to? Are you alcoholics?

Comment by TS


John Nova Lomax will be honored at Lincoln Center

Houston Press staff writer John Nova Lomax has been named a recipient of a 2008 ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for his story "Doug Supernaw."

Lomax's article on the former country music star was chosen in the Pop Articles category and will be honored at a special reception at Lincoln Center in New York City on December 9.

The ASCAP Deems Taylor awards are presented annually to American authors and journalists whose books, articles and liner notes on the subject of music are selected for their excellence.


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