Reaching out to grope someone.
Reaching out to grope someone.

Rice: The Third-Horniest College in the Nation

Rice, your football team sucks, your administration is actually making noise about tightening up your traditionally liberal drinking policies, and you got a lotta nerds.

But they are horny nerds, at least.

The scientifically respected Daily Beast has put out a bunch of college rankings, and the one you're most interested in is the list of "Horniest Schools."

(Note: Being horny doesn't necessarily relate to having sex with someone besides yourself.)

Rice lands at number three, behind Wesleyan and Yale.

The criteria:

[W]e used four data points: each college's score for girls, guys, and campus strictness from College Prowler (a higher campus-strictness score indicates a less-strict campus culture), and the male-female ratio with data from the National Center for Education Statistics, with better scores given to gender egalitarian schools that ensure both genders have a fair shot at a hookup. Each data point was weighted equally, and extra credit was given for schools that landed on Playboy's best-party-school list for 2011.

UT-Austin, for what it's worth, came in at 13.


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