Richard Justice Disses the Chron

Richard "Social" Justice speaks out.
Richard "Social" Justice speaks out.

When he left his job as the paper's lead sports columnist to write for, Richard Justice was effusive in his praise for the Houston Chronicle.

"I love newspapers and especially the Chronicle," he told us at the time. "[Chron editor] Jeff Cohen has been incredible to me."

Sunday, he wasn't feeling so rosy.

Justice didn't like the fact that the Chron did not cover the Senior Showcase, an annual event where football players who haven't been recruited can show off their wares to small colleges who can't afford to travel much to look at high school athletes. Hundreds of students participate, and a large number of them get scholarships, often to historically black colleges.

Justice took to his Twitter account to vent his displeasure:

Richard Justice Disses the Chron

"Too bad poor black and brown kids don't generate web hits"? Call him Richard "Social" Justice!

He wasn't done:

Richard Justice Disses the Chron

To be fair to the Chron, the paper did have a brief item previewing the showcase.

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