RIP, the Semi-Venerable Greenbriar Chateau Apartments: You Have Five Weeks to Clear Out

RIP, the Greenbriar Chateau.
RIP, the Greenbriar Chateau.

The Greenbriar Chateau Apartments, just south of 59 on, well, Greenbriar, have long been a housing option for people with some attachment to Rice.

It's a quick trip down the street to the campus and, for at least most of its for-Houston long time in existence, the staff and facilities have been pretty good.

Residents of 4100 Greenbriar are going to have to get up and go, though: Today they received a certified letter from Kaplan Management saying the complex will be razed and replaced with a "state of the art" housing complex.

The apartment dwellers have until March 8 to clear out.

We're sure the rents at the new place will be cheaper, right?

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