Robb's Review: On the Menu

This week, in the process of reviewing Red Basil Thai Fusion Restaurant, we discovered lots of other Thai restaurants that have recently opened in the same West Houston neighborhood.

Why are so many new Thai restaurants opening in Houston?

According to Narong Ratana-Arporn, president of the Thai Texas Association and owner of Thai Spice restaurants, it's partly because Thai food keeps getting more popular and party because of the economy. The largest Thai population in the United States resides in Los Angeles. But more and more Thais in L.A. are selling their houses and moving to Houston, Ratana-Arporn told me. Real estate prices in Houston are so much cheaper than L.A. that they can buy a comparable house for half the money and use the rest of the cash to open a restaurant. It's a win-win transaction for California Thais and Houston Thai food lovers. – Robb Walsh


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